Comments: Apology: The Post-Debate View

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Loretta Feller, Cleveland Oh   01/15/09
Apologies in Mediation
Well explained, Mr. Weiss. Our experience here at EEOC's mediation program conforms with what you are expressing in the context of employment discrimination as well.

Dina , Boston MA     11/30/05
Effective Apologies in Ombuds Work
Jerome, thank you for such a thought-provoking presentation of the central issues of apology. I plan to share your article, along with the others, with my small business clients. These professionals also struggle with being 'in role' as opposed to being management and see think that apologies challenge their authority as leaders. The real key lies in understanding what sincere and genuine mean to people when blame or justice are removed from the equation. I wonder where forgiveness fits into the equation, and how it impacts the effectiveness of the apology. Thanks for calling me to reflect on such important matters, which will benefit me and my Ombuds clients. Dina Beach Lynch, Ombuds Featured in Inc. magazine, Nov. 2005