Interpersonal disputes:

  • Closely-held family business dissolution
  • Law firm dissolution amidst marital divorce between principals of the firm
  • Restaurant partnership dissolution
  • Pension and retirement benefits dispute between surviving and ex-spouse
  • Sexual abuse allegations
  • Dispute between surviving children and significant other over settlement proceeds from wrongful death lawsuit
  • Dispute between unmarried parents from wrongful death settlement of infant child
  • Marital separation agreements
  • Dispute between siblings regarding mother’s health care and finances
  • Undue influence allegations in estate dispute between siblings
  • Contested guardianship between family members
  • Neighbor-to-neighbor dispute concerning allegations of fraudulent receipt of public benefits

Medical malpractice:

  • Wrongful death following treatment of back and neck pain by epidural injection
  • Sepsis after perforation of bowel during spinal surgery
  • Sudden patient movement during eye surgery (cataract)
  • Steroid treatment of child with asthma
  • Numerous birth injuries (shoulder dystocia, asphyxia and hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, circulatory necrosis in extremities)

Nursing homes:

  • Wrongful death:
  • Injuries from patient neglect (standard of care)
  • Slip-and-falls of residents and visitors


  • Retainage, delay, defect, indemnity, and other cross-claims between developer, general contractor, engineer, and subs
  • (new construction of dual hotel project (co-mediated), new construction of residential apartment complex (co-mediated), interstate highway improvements (co-mediated), upgrades to public wastewater treatment facility failed to meet EPA standards (co-mediated), defective demolition and reconstruction of marine bulkheads, seawalls, and piers, and allegations of safety and permit violations (co-mediated), damage to nearby residence and non-profit facility undergoing expansion construction (co-mediated)).

Employment disputes:

  • Discrimination
  • Private & public sector (gender, disability, age, national origin, pregnancy. race)
  • Religious institution (age)
  • Higher education (race discrimination, pretext and whistle-blower retaliation, sexual harassment)
  • Wage and hour disputes against service providers
  • Termination and buyout of family member in closely-held corporation
  • Professional services contract dispute regarding payment for performance of investment banking services

Trucking and commercial transportation accidents:

  • Wrongful death and catastrophic injuries to highway bystanders (multiple parties)
  • Wrongful death after handicapped scooter tipped over in medical transport van
  • Catastrophic injuries to person changing flat tire on side of road
  • Wrongful death of pedestrian in trucking yard

Personal injuries:

  • Traumatic brain injuries and catastrophic injuries in motor vehicle accidents caused by construction site mismanagement, excessive speed, and distracted driving
  • Numerous motor torts and accidents involving pedestrians, motorcycle and bicycle riders with injuries to organs, bones, and tissues (liability and nature and extent of damages)
  • Catastrophic injury caused by gunshot wounds in a parking garage (premises liability dispute)
  • Apartment fire (personal injuries and damage to personal property)
  • Dog bites: compound fractures, facial scars, evidence of known propensity to bite
  • Slip-and-falls in retail stores, public spaces, parking lots, and at apartment complexes

Environmental torts:

  • Asbestos mesothelioma (manufacturing, brake dust, and talcum powder)
  • Lead paint poisoning liability and nature and extent of damages – landlord / tenant (insured and uninsured, single and multiple units) and mortgage servicer liability after mortgage foreclosure
  • Mold (apartment complexes, residential property and motor vehicle)
  • Bed bug infestation of hotels and apartment units


  • Insurance subrogation after fire damaged commercial warehouse
  • Allocation of insurance proceeds among apartment residents after fire damage
  • Personal injuries of apartment tenants trying to escape burning apartment building

Excessive force:

  • Private security officers working as bouncers at bars and as independent contractors at apartment complexes
  • Municipal law enforcement officers (wrongful suspicion of illegal activity; allegations of “driving while Black”)
  • Juvenile detention center

Commercial disputes:

  • Breach of multi-year lease of luxury suite at major league sports stadium
  • Contract breach concerning the sale and sublease of nursing homes
  • Priority of competing liens on commercial brewing equipment (co-mediated)
  • Debt collection against shopping center retail tenant
  • Breach of gaming machines services contract by food and drink establishments

Qui tam medical billing (co-mediated)

Legal malpractice:

  • Wrongful settlement of a civil case
  • Conflict of interest in creation of a venture capital partnership

Real property:

  • Defective rehab work in primary residence
  • Failure to disclaim / disclose property defects (water intrusion, water pressure, roof defects, HVAC defects, sewage systems)
  • Condemnation valuation disputes (residential, commercial, mixed-use)
  • Shared right of way / ingress and egress
  • Condominium association’s alleged allowance of second hand smoke to infiltrate resident’s unit
  • Failure to convey parking with conveyance of condominium unit