Deborah Isenhour

Deborah Isenhour

Deborah Isenhour combines extensive construction and business knowledge and experience with outstanding dispute resolution skills and expertise.  After a successful corporate career and having earned an MBA from Duke University, Deborah co-founded Isenhour Enterprises, Inc., a multi-million dollar general contracting business gaining a vast understanding of the inner workings of a construction business.  Deborah is knowledgeable about all phases of the construction process from the architectural and design process to the final punchlist and warranty. 

Furthering her expertise in the field, Deborah attained a broker’s license in 1992 and the GRI (Graduate Realtor Institute) designation in 1993.  She co-founded The Real Estate Firm, Inc., which specializes in commercial property brokerage in the Chapel Hill/ Research Triangle Park, North Carolina area.  Jointly with the Real Estate Firm, Isenhour Enterprises and other investment groups have completed numerous commercial and development projects. 

As personal knowledge base and experience grew, Deborah was being called on to share her knowledge with others in the construction industry.  Deborah then co-founded Guts, Inc., which specializes in providing general business consulting and training for construction-related businesses. 

With a thorough understanding of the conflicts that arise in the construction industry, Deborah became certified as a Mediator by the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission in 2002 and trained as an arbitrator in 2005.  She now practices mediation in addition to being a business and conflict resolution consultant, facilitator, and trainer.  Deborah is the founding President of the North Carolina Chapter of the Association for Conflict Resolution and a Council Member of the Dispute Resolution Section of the NC Bar Association.

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Articles and Video:

Listening to Transcend Conflict (03/01/04)
What will it take to transform our inner struggles and tumultuous encounters into healing relationships? We all know that listening is vital for resolving conflicts. What more then can be said beyond the existing skills of active listening, reflecting, and summarizing? Can there possibly be new ways to listen that haven’t already been tried? Yes! We believe that listening to our human energy holds the key to transcending conflict in a way that actually can transform relationships.

The Energy of Conflict: An Emerging Paradigm (10/27/03)
How do you see conflict? For most of us, we experience conflict as a heavy burden and an energy drain. And, when a conflict is resolved, we have all seen the visible difference in the parties’ moods, facial expressions, and even posture. Yet, this is an aspect of conflict that is quite difficult to quantify or even describe. We call this phenomenon ‘the energy of conflict’.