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Mediate,com Mediator Certification Program

Premium Members: Distinguish Yourself as a Certified Mediator!

Participants and their advisors want mediators they can trust. You earn trust via your professional reputation. Certification confirms your reputation as a leading mediator.

Here is how Certification works:  

  • first ensures that our Premium Member Certified Mediators are trained and experienced;
  • We insist upon complete information disclosure;
  • We require the highest ethical standards and that references are available; and
  • We investigate complaints made against Certified Mediators.

Our core concept is that well-informed disputants can protect themselves! 

The Mediator Certification Program requires Premium Members to disclose their training and case experience. requires at least 100 hours of mediation training and at least 200 hours of mediation case experience for our Premium Member Certified Mediators.

Finally, requires that our Certified Mediators:

  • identify their professional organizations and affiliations;
  • confirm whether or not they have active liability insurance; and
  • verify at least 12 hours of annual mediation continuing education.

No mediator is asked to disclose any confidential information as part of the Certification Process.

Sample Certificate

Sample certified mediator website

To get the certification process started, order "Certification Review" now.

Certification Review / Renewal
The cost of your certification review and the first year of certified status is $149. Your annual certification renewal is $99.