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Rising Above Office Conflict: 1-day fast-paced training for HR/Management/Leaders

November 17th, 2023
30 minute break at 12:30m

Lead trainer, Dr. Clare Fowler, who has been focusing on resolving workplace disputes since 2003 along with additional experts will focus on recognizing and handling abuse, creating a trauma-informed office, and creating a resolution plan with unions and general counsel.

This training is based on the brand new book, Rising Above Office Conflict. This is a humorous guidebook looking at specific behaviors and conflicts in the workplace, with a 3-step plan for addressing them. The book also focuses on the best place to resolve different conflicts: between employees, involving HR, involving the manager, in the courts, with general counsel or a union rep, or it might be time to just start running.

The Agenda and 20 Behaviors we will focus on

The training will have 3 phases: putting out immediate office conflict fires, setting up fire-resistant policies, and empowering employees to prevent future fires.

This training will be fast-paced, interactive, and humorous. The goal is to empower you to quickly diagnose and triage conflicts that are brought to your desk. Your job, after all, is not to solve everyone’s problems. Your job is to foster an engaged and motivated team.

After the training, you will keep your book, access to the video recording of the training for 12 months, access to all of the resources in your conference site. You will also be placed into a cohort that you may debrief with or brainstorm difficult problems.

Pricing: $149 before Nov 1, 2023. The price for this course includes:

*Please note: This is a fast-paced training, designed for HR and management staff alike. This is not a training on becoming a mediator or specific mediation skills. If you have interest in becoming a Workplace Mediator, check out our Workplace Mediation Training.


SESSION 1: 7-9:30AM Pacific/10AM-12:30PM Eastern

Intro and Purpose:

  • Empowered
  • Under and Overreact:
  • Thunder Turtle Syndrome
  • Psychology of Conflict:
  • Recognition, Reaction, Role

SESSION 2: 10-10:30AM Pacific/1-1:30PM Eastern


  • Carrying everything weighs us down
  • Empty the Backpack:
  • What communication hindered
  • What communication helped
  • Refilling the Backpack:
  • Hold
  • Change Toss

SESSION 3: 10:30 AM-11:30AM Pacific/1:30-2:30 Eastern

What to Hold:

  • How to Protect It (Group Brainstorm)
  • – Individual and Team Systems
  • Management Support
  • What to Change:
  • Group Workshopping What to Toss and Why

SESSION 4: 11:30-12:30PM Pacific/2:30-3:30 Eastern


  • Interests In
  • Filtering
  • Deescalating Difficult Situations
  • Listening Between the Lines
  • Rephrasing
  • Group Practice
  • Name it to Tame it (behaviors and situation)

SESSION 5: 1-2PM Pacific/4-5pm Eastern

Interests Out –

  • What do I want to say
  •        Instead of growing issues, venting, or avoiding
  • Try elf, straight no chaser, biff, 3-2-1
  • My Negotiation Style
  • What is my behavior and goal?

SESSION 6: 2-3:30 PM Pacific/5-6:30 Eastern

What is the Company Style?

  • Setting boundaries, empowering employees, goals, and securing management support
  • Strong Conversations
  • Negotiations, Check-ins, Next Steps
  • Strong Meetings
  • Facilitation, SONAR
  • Strong Employees
  •        Mental Health Benefits
  •        Celebrating Little Victories   

20 Behaviors:

  1. Clueless Carl
  2. Snappy Sally
  3. Bad Brad/Meany Minnie
  4. Quiet Queen
  5. Chatty Pattie
  6. The Dude
  7. The People Pleaser
  8. Inappropriate Ingrid
  9. Micromanager
  10. The Hulk
  11. High-Conflict Behaviors
  12. Busier-than-Thou
  13. Honey Badgers
  14. Passive-Aggressive
  15. Rude
  16. Family
  17. Dismissive
  18. Boxer
  19. Abusive
  20. Neurodiverse – attributes that different brains bring to the office

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