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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Mediation Conference Agenda

Artificial intelligence (AI) will transform many industries moving forward, and the field of mediation is no exception.  In this online conference we will convene the top experts in online dispute resolution (ODR) and AI/data science to envision the form this transformation will take. 

From the father of ODR (Ethan Katsh) to the #1 expert on AI in the justice system (Richard Susskind), this gathering will convene the leading global thinkers to separate the hype from the reality, and provide actionable steps dispute resolvers can leverage to ensure they benefit from the rise of AI instead of getting left behind. AI will not replace mediators, but it is likely that mediators who leverage AI will increasingly take cases from mediators who can’t.

“ChatGPT is not going to replace us, it’s going to make us look like superheroes.” – Erin Levine, Founder of

Speakers include:

We believe this is a vitally important Conference for all mediators to engage with. We hope to model the best practices of our field in convening a powerful, substantive and respectful conversation.

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