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<xTITLE>Commercial Section Editorial</xTITLE>

Commercial Section Editorial

by Tom Oswald
October 2004 Tom Oswald
Welcome to the Commercial Section of This page is dedicated to the progress and advancement of the practice of professional commercial mediation. This includes commercial conflict resolution, prevention, and management by means of mediation and other collaborative means in both domestic U.S. and international spheres. If you practice mediation in any of the widely various commercial aspects, this page is a source of professional information and expression for you.

The realm of commercial mediation is as wide and diverse as is business itself. The Commercial Section of seeks to move the profession forward with a big-tent approach characterized by inclusion of a variety of areas, viewpoints, and philosophic approaches. We serve as a nexus of information about professional development for commercial practitioners. Here we candidly and respectfully explore the interests, requirements, and concerns of practitioners, and their clients, who are involved in the broad spectrums of commercial mediation.

In addition to providing a source for exchange of information about the practice of commercial mediation, we focus on matters to advocate and advance our industry. Our goal is to support the development of our profession and to simultaneously stimulate increased awareness about how collaborative conflict resolution can benefit commercial activities. Ours is a bottom-line boosting industry which makes excellent business sense for an immense potential market. We need to ‘raise the curtain’ that cloaks wider awareness to what mediators can deliver for business.

Commercial mediation practitioners are invited to utilize this forum to their fullest advantage for the sake of advancing their commercial mediation careers. Come here to share information, ideas, and concerns. As editor, I welcome hearing from our readers. I offer to try to link interest with information: if you have an issue or subject you want to learn about, something you have a concern about, or need some information, please just drop me a message. I will get back to you as soon as I can with an answer or a lead. Chances are that what you are interested in, others also would like to know.


Tom Oswald is a civil/commercial mediator and conflict consultant from Boston. He practices both domestically and internationally and has been employed as a civil case court mediator.  Professional publishing includes editing the Commercial Section for, several pieces in various Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) publications, and others. He has held national professional leadership positions in his field including 2 years service as Co-Chair of the ACR Commercial Section and previously as Vice President of the Mediation Association of Northern Ohio.

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