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Amanda Bucklow

Amanda has a strong international profile as a mediator and a negotiator. She is well known for her commercial acumen, people skills and professionalism with notable skills in engaging even the most reluctant parties in the mediation process.

Her personal style combines intellect and insight with a comprehensive understanding of the legal, commercial and people issues. She is both supportive and challenging in whatever mix is most likely to provide the best possible chance of an interests-based settlement.
At university, Amanda studied law, business and languages and then spent a year working in the family engineering business before joining CRA/RTZ as International Sales Manager for zinc metal sales. During her time with CRA she managed a metals and foreign currency trading portfolio and developed a niche skill set for working with competitors without breaching anti-trust laws.

Between 1988 and 1990 she was Director of Marketing for a UK tannery before launching an independent communications consultancy in 1990 specialising in negotiation, co-operation and conflict resolution. During her career she has had in-depth experience of a wide variety of industry sectors: experience on which her mediation practice is founded.
One of the very few “career mediators”, Amanda has maintained a full time mediation practice since 1995 and has experience of over 800 disputes. Like others who started early, she believes that no dispute is ever about just one matter. The breadth and depth of her experience in mediating all kinds of disputes, within their relevant legal context, means that she is well prepared for any eventuality and any mix of issues.