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Barbara Reeves Neal

Barbara A. Reeves Neal, Esq. has been a full-time neutral since 2006, following a 30-year career as a litigator and corporate counsel. She has served as an arbitrator, mediator, court appointed master, provisional director, and discovery referee in many areas of commercial law in hundreds of matters. 
In mediations, she is an ardent champion for settlement. She uses her years of experience, legal knowledge, and intuition to guide settlement discussion toward analysis and evaluation in a manner most likely to achieve resolution. She organizes settlement discussions in careful consideration of the unique issues and personalities presented by each individual case. She is respected as a conscientious mediator, capitalizing on her extensive legal knowledge to assist parties evaluate their cases and apply a full analysis of available options. She has the keen ability to connect and communicate with clients emotionally involved with their positions and usher parties toward mutually acceptable resolutions.