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Beverly Taki

As per the California Association of Realtors® purchase agreement, all disputes must be mediated prior to arbitration and litigation. Successful real estate mediation, however, requires comprehensive knowledge, and understanding of, the real estate business. Beverly Taki offers for her clients the combination of excellent real estate experience and up-to-date dispute resolution skills. Beverly provides mediation services for real estate conflicts through her company Taki Real Estate Services, a new virtual office environment designed to provide the best most cost-effective quality services to clients. Beverly is a CA licensed real estate Broker who has effectively represented residential real estate clients for more than 19 years. Beverly is a devoted, loyal and honest businesswoman with a passion for real estate and for helping others to achieve their goals. She has been successful because she is organized, dependable, persistent and able to solve problems for her clients. In mediation, Beverly uses a combination of transformative and interest based Alternative Dispute Resolution techniques to facilitate communication, identify the underlying interests in a way that both parties have never been able to identify, create a settlement and provide for reconciliation. Beverly is a graduate from the University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri with a B.S. in 1976 and the UCLA Real Estate Extension program in 1989. She is enrolled in the Dispute Resolution certificate program of Pepperdine University School of Law, Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution.