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Christine Sim


Christine has arbitration and public international law experience from Asia, Europe and the United States. She has clerked for arbitrators in investment arbitrations, represented commercial clients up to the appellate level in courts, and performed counsel work in international arbitrations, multi-jurisdictional enforcement and law of the sea proceedings. She has worked on arbitrations involving states and state-related entities, and currently advises and represents financial institutions and multi-national corporations.


Her experience includes:


a distribution company from the Middle East in a commercial arbitration against an Asian state-owned entity
a multi-national company in a commercial arbitration in the Middle East
a non-governmental organisation on an international study of risks and protections relating to the media
a pharmaceutical company on investment treaty protections
acting as tribunal secretary in an investment arbitration between a European investor and an African state
assisting arbitrators with administrative case management in a mediation between a European investor and an Asian state, an arbitration between a North-American corporation and a Latin American state, and an arbitration between a European company and an Eastern European state
assisting the court-appointed amicus in investment disputes involving African and Asian states
a state in an application for provisional measures
a European state on multi-jurisdictional enforcement of judgments and arbitral awards
the insurers, construction companies and government agencies in court litigation