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Cliff Hendler

Cliff Hendler is president of DRS Dispute Resolution Services, one of Canada's largest providers of ADR services. He is also the past President of the International Academy of Mediators. DRS is one of Canada's oldest dispute resolution firms, being established in early 1992. DRS is experienced in handling individual cases as well as class action, mass tort and streams of cases. During the past ten years, Mr. Hendler has been retained as a mediator in more than 2000 different cases, specializing in the area of insurance litigation, medical malpractice, workplace conflict, as well as sexual abuse matters. Prior to his career as mediator, he held several senior positions with major insurance companies between 1975 and 1990. Mr. Hendler has extensive knowledge and experience in the area of personal injury litigation, community based conflict, as well as legal defamation issues.