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Craig Celniker

Craig leads MoFo’s global international arbitration and Asia dispute resolution practices. He has more than 25 years of experience in international commercial litigation and arbitration, and more than 15 years of experience in commercial litigation and arbitration in Asia.

Craig has been described as an exceptional strategist on both the legal and business levels, and as “a world-class lawyer—highly experienced, knowledgeable and business-minded. His strategies make you feel safe.” He is renowned for his ability to assess difficult situations, strike the right tone, and effectively manage the parties. He represents clients from every continent and across diverse industries on their most challenging litigation issues. He is particularly well-versed in matters that involve Japan, China, and Southeast Asia.

His experience covers intellectual property, commercial disputes, and investigations before courts, administrative agencies, and arbitral tribunals. He is well respected for his deep experience in IP litigation, and he regularly arbitrates IP disputes. Intellectual Asset Managementdescribed him as a “bona fide IP authority.”

Craig has led more than 80 international arbitrations before the world’s leading tribunals. He has drafted hundreds of arbitration clauses and advises clients on a wide range of arbitration issues including jurisdiction, the benefits of arbitration under different regimes, and the enforcement of awards. Craig is an experienced arbitrator and a panel member of the following tribunals:

The Japan Central Court of Arbitration
The Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration
The Shanghai International Arbitration Center
The Singapore International Arbitration Court (IP Panel)
The International Arbitrators of the Pacific International Arbitration Centre, Vietnam