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Daniel P. Dozier

Dan Dozier has over thirty years of experience as an attorney, negotiator, and mediator, including more than fifteen years of experience as a mediator and facilitator of complex multi-party environmental, technical, contract, and public policy disputes. His mediation experience is broad, encompassing technical and environmental disputes, large case civil litigation, labor and employment cases, and inter-personal matters. He has been appointed by the United States District Court for the District of Columbia to mediate civil litigation cases, and is listed on the court's roster of mediators. For the past decade he has provided alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services, including mediation and arbitration, for multi-party disputes involving the clean-up of over 50 hazardous waste sites and the settlement of insurance claims.
Mr. Dozier has facilitated negotiated rulemaking and public policy dialogues between representatives of federal, state, local government, environmental, community, industrial, and trade association groups. He has mediated numerous high profile employment cases, including several for the U.S. District Courts and has designed dispute resolution procedures and mediated contract disputes for both public and private sector clients. Mr. Dozier has issued non-binding arbitration awards to settle cost allocation disputes involving hundreds of million of dollars. For the past fifteen years he has provided training in effective negotiation skills to industry and government professionals.
Mr. Dozier was an adjunct professor at the Vermont Law School from 1989 to 2000. He is a member of Press & Potter, LLC, which has practice areas in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Commercial Real Estate, Commercial Finance, Business Law, Creditors Rights and Aviation Law.  Dozier's practice is focused on providing a full range of ADR services including mediation, facilitation, and stakeholder consultation services as a neutral, and process design and settlement consultation services to clients nationwide.