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David A. Garcia

Hon. David A. Garcia (Ret.), who served 20 distinguished years on San Francisco’s municipal and superior courts, is a mediator and arbitrator with JAMS in San Francisco. He is recognized as having been one of the best law and motion judges in the San Francisco Bay Area. As the law and motion judge, he supervised the Discovery Department and was from time to time required to rule on Discovery disputes. While presiding over Civil Trial departments, he was assigned numerous complex cases and was called upon to manage all aspects of civil disputes, including case management, trial setting, law and motion, and discovery. As an ADR provider, Judge Garcia has served frequently as a Referee and Special Master in matters pending in Superior Court and Federal District Court. A significant number of those references have been as a discovery referee. Those references have included voluntary (by stipulation of the parties) and involuntary references. As a Discovery Referee he has managed all aspects of discovery, including electronic discovery and discovery disputes involving highly emotional content. Judge Garcia is fluent in Spanish. He can be reached at dgarcia