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Elly van Laar

Elly van Laar specializes in helping couples in divorce maintain mutual respect.
For 20 years, Elly has helped individuals, couples and organizations deepen compassion and empathy skills, bridge differences, and find solutions that benefit all parties. Elly is a speaker and blogger on Nonviolent Communication, mindfulness, and conflict resolution. Elly has a Masters in Political Science from Leiden University in the Netherlands. She has seven years of training with Nonviolent Communication teachers, four years of teaching Nonviolent Communication. She belongs to Thich Nhat Hanh’s Plum Blossom mindfulness community, volunteers at the Austin Dispute Resolution Center and is a member of Amnesty International since 1980.
And if she is not mediating? Then you can find her on her meditation cushion, visiting friends and family in the Netherlands, trying new vegan recipes, juggling, Or, hanging out with her fan and teacher, her husband David Nayer.