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Felicia Staub

Felicia Staub is a founder of Empowered Communication, a mediation and training business in Washington State, and is their Senior Mediator/Trainer. She is also the Practicum Supervisor and In-House Mediator for the Snohomish Dispute Resolution Center (DRC). She has a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. She trained in mediation and conflict resolution at the DRCs in Washington. She is certified as a mediator with the Washington Mediation Association (WMA), as well as having expertise in family, victim/offender, and parent/teen mediation. She is on the WMA’s Board of Directors and created their monthly training program, the Mediator’s Cafe. Felicia is a seasoned trainer, presenting trainings since 2000 for DRCs, universities, Native American tribes, federal prisons, and others. Felicia has won awards from the WMA and from the Whatcom DRC for her mediating and from the Freedom Project for her work presenting and coordinating trainings in prison. She is also a mediator for the Sound Options Group and for the Whatcom DRC.