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George Lim

George Lim, Senior Counsel, is the current Chair of the Singapore International Mediation Centre. He was President of the Law Society of Singapore from 1998-99. George has mediated close to 500 disputes. In addition to his international law practice, he has trained hundreds of judges and lawyers in mediation, and assisted governments in mediation capacity building. George helped establish the Singapore Mediation Centre and the Fiji Mediation Centre and serves on the Board of the International Mediation Institute (IMI). In 2013, George was appointed co-Chair of a Working Group convened by the Chief Justice of Singapore and the Singapore Ministry of Law to make recommendations on developing Singapore as a global centre for commercial mediation. George was Singapore’s mediation consultant to UNCITRAL’S Working Group II on Conciliation, which resulted in the signing of the Singapore Convention on Mediation on 7 August 2019. He is the co-editor of Mediation in Singapore: A Practical Guide (2015, 2017).