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J. Richard Forester

J. Richard Forester specializes in land use, transportation, public policy, environment and related municipal, and administrative law.   He provides consulting, mediation and facilitation services related to these areas of expertise under dba of Dispute Resolution Services, including:

Mediation: Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) cases, Urban Growth Boundary (UGB), public policy review, rule making, task forces
Urban growth management & financing
Impact fees/System Development Charges (SDCs)/urban renewal
Land use and transportation planning, access control & management
State agency coordination / facility siting
Hearing Examiner / Land use code interpretation and drafting
Land use representation: Local boards & Commissions, LUBA & Appeal Courts
Special Jurisdiction, Financing and Annexation Issues
State and municipal legislative assistance, rule writing
Due Process and all "Takings" related issues

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