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James Lingl

James P. (Jim) Lingl (BA Rockhurst University, JD University of Wisconsin, MA California State University Dominguez Hills) has extensive legal experience both as a litigator and as transactional attorney. Between 1983 and 2008 he led a law firm that dealt primarily in Community Association law, a practice encompassing all aspects of homeowner association operation and management.  During that time he was involved with the representation of over 600 homeowner associations between San Luis Obispo to San Diego Counties.  He was also involved with the representation of more than 200 individual homeowners in disputes with their associations.
With a background in tort and commercial litigation, Mr. Lingl understands that courtrooms are appropriate venues for the resolution of some disputes.  However his experience has taught him that less than 10% of the civil cases that are filed actually reach trial, and that most conflicts are better resolved outside of the judicial system.  His extensive experience in handling complex interpersonal conflicts, whether arising in a homeowner association, in the probate context, among neighbors, or between businesses that can benefit from maintaining an ongoing relationship, all have helped to shape his "facilitative to evaluative" mediation style.  

Mr. Lingl has served as an arbitrator for the Ventura County Superior Court and as a mediator for the Los Angeles Superior Court.  Jim has served on the Ventura Court's  mediation panels since 1993 and on the California Department of Insurance Panels since 2003.  He has conducted more than 600 mediations, 100 arbitrations, and has represented clients in more than 200 ADR disputes.  Jim was the original draftsman and sponsor of more than a dozen provisions in the Davis-Stirling Act.