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Joseph Dean Klatt

Joseph Dean Klatt was born the oldest of four children in Fond du lac, Wisconsin.  After graduation from La Jolla High School, Dr. Klatt lost his eyesight in a freak auto accident in 1967 at age 19.  He has since become a father to two sons, Joseph Franklin Klatt and James Dean Klatt.  Dr. Klatt has traveled the world while variously in the company of six German Shepherd Seeing Eye Dogs: Rani, Pegasus, Marvel, Churchill, Ken, and Lawson.  (He and Ken even made it so far as Anchorage, Alaska.)  Dr. Joe, as his friends call him, operates Klatt Realty Inc., a full-service real estate brokerage in La Jolla, California (  Dr. Klatt is an internationally recognized mediator and negotiator.  His doctorate in Real Estate Law was conferred by the University of Shelbourne.  He has served on the La Jolla Real Estate Brokers’ Association, Inc. Board of Directors for 19 years, four of which he served as President and Chairman of the Board.  In 1991, Dr. Klatt received the R. K. Smith Broker of the Year Award, the highest possible award conferred upon a La Jolla Real Estate Broker.    Dr. Klatt is a Harvard Law School trained Master Mediator.  He has studied mediation and negotiation in London, Geneva, Lyons, and multiple academic settings in California.  He is a frequent guest lecturer and guest professor at San Diego area law schools and universities.  He serves as a mediation competition judge, negotiation competition judge, and international pre-moot competition judge.  Dr. Klatt has served on the board of directors for the Association for Dispute Resolution (San Diego) for five years, first as a board member, then President-Elect, twice as President, and as Immediate Past President.