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Lesley Allport

Lesley Allport is CMP Resolutions’ Head of Mediation and joined us in 2007. Her role includes supervising our team of practitioners; delivering dispute resolution services and training: developing best practice; and developing advanced mediation practice and mediation supervision programmes. She has worked in the field of mediation as a mediator, trainer and consultant for over 20 years. She delivered foundation family mediation training for over ten years and in 2002 she helped to establish mediation practice in the context of Special Educational Needs and Disability Conciliation. In 2005 she successfully completed the European Masters Degree in Mediation run by IUKB, Geneva, researching supervision practice in mediation across Europe and UK and developing a model of supervision specific to mediation. Currently she is a Governor of the College of Mediators. Lesley has a 100% record of getting disputants to mediation; and is consistently highly evaluated by clients, trainees and parties.