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Paul Randolph

Paul Randolph is a highly successful mediator, with an established career  as a Barrister, and many years' experience mediating in a large number and wide variety of disputes. He is known for his patience and perseverence in resolving the most intractable of disputes. He is also a highly skilled trainer, as well as a knowledgeable speaker, particularly on the psychological aspects of conflict, having written a book and countless articles on the subject.
Paul has developed a special expertise in the psychology of conflict, enablling him effectively to handle the emotional and psychological blockages that so frequently arise in disputes. 
Paul is rapidly becoming one of the most in-demand speakers on mediation and in particular on the psychology of conflict. He has given presentations on all aspects of Mediation at conferences in the UK, Europe and Asia to a wide variety of professional and non-professional audiences.

Articles by Paul Randolph