Peter Kamminga

Dr. Peter Kamminga, Esq., Ph.D. is a full-time JAMS panelist with more than 20 years of experience as mediator, arbitrator and resolver of complex disputes in the U.S., Europe and globally. Prior to joining JAMS, he was a longtime member of Hon. Daniel Weinstein (Ret.)\\\\\\\'s mediation team, where he has built a strong reputation resolving high-profile and high-stakes disputes.

Dr. Kamminga has successfully mediated and co-mediated hundreds of complex civil or commercial disputes involving multiple parties, sophisticated questions of law, global jurisdictional issues and aggregate values of millions or billions of dollars.

Years of experience resolving highly technical and complex, bet-the-company cases, have yielded a nuanced acumen in driving to resolution a wide variety of disputes including contentious banking, cross-border, commercial, construction, cyber, energy, and financial market conflicts, among others. His extensive mediation experience includes both two-party cases and matters involving up to 20 or more parties.

His in-depth and practical experience of dealing with multi-party and international cases makes him uniquely suited for and comfortable with handling mediations and arbitrations involving cross-border aspects in any sector. Clients value him for being an “excellent listener” who “can study up on new issues quickly” and is “persistent and able to ask the tough questions and push parties to find solutions that make good legal and business sense.”

Educated both in the U.S. (Columbia and Harvard University) and in Europe Dr. Kamminga is fluent in English and Dutch and has an excellent working knowledge of German and French.

In addition to his full-time work as a neutral, Dr. Kamminga is an associate professor of law and an internationally recognized legal expert and scholar. As a thought leader on ADR and mediation he has initiated ADR initiatives in the U.S. and abroad and frequently speaks for Fortune 500, universities, governments and other organizations around the world. He has authored several books and dozens of articles on contract law and dispute resolution.

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