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Philip Mulford

Philip Mulford is a full-time, professional mediator.Formerly an attorney, Mulford practiced law from 1982 until 1990 when he founded Mulford Mediation. With offices in Fairfax and Warrenton, VA, Mulford Mediation provides mediation services to families and businesses -recently including healthcare professionals, attorneys, realtors, and senior management teams. Mulford successfully resolves over 90% of the hundreds ofcases he mediates. He has published articles in various publicationsincluding UVALawyer, the Fairfax Bar Association Journal and the Virginia Episcopalian on mediation. Mulford also gives continuing legal education seminars to attorneys on mediation. A graduate of Duke University ('79) and the University of Virginia School of Law ('82), Mulford lives with his wifeand two sons in Warrenton, VA. Beginning this fall, Mulford will host a weekly radio talk show on Divorce Mediation.