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Prof. Edna Aphek

Prof. Edna Aphek

Prof. Edna Aphek lives and works in Jerusalem, Israel. An Israeli, educated in Israel and the USA, she is a linguist, educationist, specializing in the introduction of computer literacy in general and the IT in particular in educational and social systems. She also works in the areas of the development of thinking skills in general and creative and inventive thinking, problem solving and the implementation of change . She designed and implemented innovative educational and social systems, designs and builds virtual learning environments and create community/school partnerships.
Some of her activities in minimizing the Digital Divide have focused on: Children Tutor Seniors at Internet Skills Children Tutor Children at internet and Computer Skills The Kamrat Experience: The Creation of an Online Multicultural Community
She also developed the concept and built on the internet a “Virtual College for Senior Citizens”, for the college Department in the Israel Ministry of Education.
She is very interested in traveling, getting to know new cultures and meeting new ideas. She has written and published short stories and poems for children and adults.
Edna AphekTel-Hi Networks and David Yellin College of EducationJerusalem, IsraelTel: +97 22 5633951Fax: +97 22 5665902Emails: [email protected]