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Richard Moore

Richard Moore is the founder of MDR Associates. He is a graduate of Carleton University and Queen’s University Law School and has many years of experience working as a lawyer, mediator, facilitator, arbitrator, and investigator.

He is used to working with complex dynamics, and is experienced in diagnosing what is going wrong, and in delivering a successful intervention.

He received his foundational mediation training at Harvard University and has mediated many complex and deeply entrenched disputes. A Senior lawyer once said of his approach: “Richard is well-prepared, approachable, fair and neutral. He can maintain good control of the mediation process while allowing the parties wide scope in presenting their perspectives. Perhaps most important to all, he has a soft-spoken approach incorporating a quiet confidence which seems to relax and instill confidence in all of the participants.”

Richard holds Chartered Mediator, Family Mediator, Med-Arbitrator and Arbitrator designations from the ADR Institute of Canada. He is a founding member of the Canadian Collaborative for Engagement & Conflict Management and is recognized as one of Canada’s leading conflict management professionals.

He has consulted and delivered mediation and conflict management training programs nationally and internationally. His mediation workshops are highly regarded and have been approved towards professional mediator designations issued by the ADR Institute of Canada.

Richard is deeply passionate about his work and in his desire to improve the lives of others. He has taken significant leadership roles in the legal profession, in the conflict management profession, and in the not-for-profit sector and is the author of a recent book entitled A REALISTC © Framework for Enhancing Communication, Relationship-building & De-escalation Skills.