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Robert Bailey

Robert Bailey joined the University of Missouri Law School in 1979. He left full-time employment at the Law School from 1983-87 to serve as Municipal Judge for the City of Columbia, while continuing to work at the Law School part-time. In 1987 he returned full-time to the Law School and now serves as Assistant Dean Emeritus and CSDR Senior Fellow. He directed the Center for the Study of Dispute Resolution from 2008 to 2014. He continued to serve as Associate Municipal Judge until June 2005. He teaches Arbitration, Life Skills Seminar, a FIG and a course in the Kinder Institute. Dean Bailey has an active arbitration practice serving on several arbitration panels including having served on Major League Baseball’s Salary Arbitration panel. He is on the FMCS Labor Arbitration panel. He is a vice president of the National Academy of Arbitrators and has been or is Chair of the Audit, Nominations, and New Member Orientation Committees, and is the Academy’s Parliamentarian.