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Rose Marie E. Borutski

Rose Marie E. Borutski

Rose Marie's specialty focuses on how emotions work in human relations, within situations of learning and development, conflict and change, job satisfaction, customer service, media and marketing, and workplace harassment. Having distinguished disputes from conflicts, that conflict is not normal, but resulting from the alchemy of anger, fear, and shame, the focus of her work is pro-active and pro-ventative.
Rose Marie draws on twenty years in administration where she built a reputation for restructuring her positions and ameliorating employee-management relations. This provided the foundation for a further decade of intense education, experience, and the founding of CBA Connect. As a mature student, she earned an Hons. BA (Sociology) in Speech Communication and Drama, and Conflict Resolution; a Certificate in Small Business Development and Management; a Masters (Hons.) in Sociology on the emotions of conflict. Her work with the fired, laid off, downsized, right-sized, and re-engineered resulted in her focus to promote business excellence through respectful workplaces.
Rose Marie sees her work in conflict resolution as helping her clients unleash their creativity and entrepreneurial skills through emotional literacy, helping individuals adapt and develop new work attitudes for a rapidly changing world, identify their potential, make transitions, and service their communities - while having fun!

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