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Tara West

As a mediator, it’s my goal to help people in conflict have the best conversation they can have. I do this by supporting each of you as you make your own choices in the conversation. This support can help you to clarify and express your own perspective, while also hearing the needs and concerns of the other.

As a conflict coach, my goal is to empower you to handle conflicts in a way you can feel good about. In conflicts, we’re often pulled in two directions - we have our own individual needs, but we also want to preserve the relationship. At the very least, we want to treat the other person in a way that will make us feel proud, rather than in a way we’re likely to regret.

Through coaching, you will receive one-on-one support as you make choices that are right for you. You will also learn skills that can deepen and strengthen all of your relationships. Whether you need a single session to address an immediate conflict, or ongoing support while you get your relationship back on track, conflict coaching can help.

I'm licensed to practice law in New York, and in many cases I will be able to complete the paperwork for mediated New York divorces. I also offer conflict resolution/communication workshops for individuals, groups, and organizations.