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Tom Arnold

Tom Arnold is a 30-year veteran of civil litigation in Houston, Texas, who now advocates the use of Collaborative Law even in the resolution of complex commercial cases.
Mr. Arnold specialized in intellectual property law for over thirty years, and had a general commercial practice for five years. He founded Arnold White & Durkee in 1957 and was instrumental in the firm’s growth to the nationally recognized intellectual property firm it is today. Mr. Arnold has represented clients in virtually every aspect of intellectual property law. After a successful career in intellectual property litigation, prosecution, and counseling, and general commercial work, Mr. Arnold has turned his attention to the practice of alternative dispute resolution. He is experienced in dispute resolution system design, mediation, arbitration, and minitrials in both domestic and international jurisdictions in cases involving licensing, franchising, and intellectual property. In addition to serving as an arbitrator and mediator, Mr. Arnold has been a leader in developing the growing field of alternative dispute resolution. He is a frequent teacher, speaker, and writer on the effective use of ADR in commercial and intellectual property litigation.