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Toshie Ozaki

Toshie Ozaki is a mediator specializing in cross-cultural and cross-border family mediation. Divorce Mediation Program Director at the Asian Pacific American Dispute Resolution Center (APADRC). Languages: Japanese & English. Toshie was born and raised in Japan. She is fluent in Japanese language, culture and values. She has an informed expertise and perspective in Japanese and American spousal and family disputes. Through assisting American-Japanese couples in resolving marital dissolution disputes, she has developed an expertise in mediating a wide range of issues, including child relocation, international parental child abduction, and cross-border family disputes. Toshie understands the complexities of international and intercultural divorce which create conceptual, communication, and expectation differences. This understanding enables her to bridge cultural divides. Experience: Orange County Superior Court and Asian Pacific American Dispute Resolution Center.