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William J. O'Connor

I have a Masters in Philosophy and Psychology. I later graduated from the USF Law School. For over 33 years I've engaged in Civil Litigation and Trials.  I have taught Law School and Training Programs for attorneys and paralegals. I originally worked with the Superior Court in SF as a court Mediator and as a part-time Commissioner/Judge. I have substantial, specific, professional Mediation training. I belong to the SF Bar Association and the Marin County Bar Association and am a member of their respective ADR Sections. I have been accepted to the Mediation/ADR panels of SF, Marin, Alameda, Solano, and Sonoma County Superior Courts. I also serve as a special neutral in Kaiser medical malpractice Arbitrations throughout California.
I am effective, experienced, and successful in my mediation activities. I have found a great deal of professional and personal satisfaction in this type of work, which although very demanding, also results in resolution of conflict, the reduction of time and expense and sometimes even reconciliation among litigants.

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