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Welcome to Mediate.com's 'Great Reads' book club, offering with authors of recently published books in popular and academic presses. Our goal is to showcase interesting works across the full spectrum of conflict resolution practice and theory.

Each gathering will feature a live interview with the author by a different host, followed by comments, questions, and discussion from an audience of experienced mediators, arbitrators, and negotiators. These book club gatherings are open to anyone, but we do ask that you pre-register in advance.

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Our next gathering is with Tim Hicks about his book Embodied Conflict: The Neural Basis of Conflict and Communication.  

Our abilities to learn and remember are at the core of consciousness, cognition, and identity, and are based on the fundamental brain capacity to encode and store perceptual experience in abiding neural structures. These neural structures are the mechanisms by which we know, think about, create beliefs about, and understand the world in which we live. This includes the social world in which we experience conflict with others; our conflicts are largely about differences in what we know, think, believe, and understand. A number of characteristics of the neural encoding function are at the root of and help to explain conflict in our social relations and why some conflicts are difficult to prevent and resolve.

Embodied Conflict presents the neural encoding function in layman’s terms, outlining seven key characteristics and exploring their implications for communication, relationship, and conflict resolution. In doing so, Embodied Conflict situates the field of conflict resolution within the long arc of human history and asks whether and how conflict resolution practice can take another step forward by considering the neural experience of parties in conflict. The book includes many case examples and offers some suggestions for how conflict resolution practitioner training might be expanded to include this theoretical framework and its implications for practice.

Bernie Mayer will interview Tim and then open the floor for questions, comments, and an exchange of ideas.

The gathering will be on Thursday, October 28, 2021 1pm EST / 10am PDT. Book Club participants are encouraged to read their book beforehand which is available HERE.



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