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Our March 2022 gathering was with Bernard S. Mayer and Jacqueline Font-Guzman about their book The Neutrality Trap: Disrupting and Connecting for Social Change

The Neutrality Trap: Disrupting and Connecting for Social Change
by Bernard S. MayerJacqueline Font-Guzman interviewed by Michelle LeBaron

Work for social change through constructive engagement and systems disruption in this practical resource for social change advocates and conflict specialists

In The Neutrality Trap, expert mediators and facilitators Bernard Mayer and Jacqueline N. Font-Guzmán deliver an insightful and practical exploration of how to understand the conflicts we face as social change agents.

You’ll learn about systems disruption and constructive engagement: how to develop the relationships and change strategies that help people, systems, and societies confront their most important social challenges.  

Perfect for anyone interested in progressing and achieving social justice, The Neutrality Trap is an indispensable guide to engaging in and managing the necessary conflict that comes with meaningful change.

Michelle LeBaron interviewed Bernard S. Mayer and Jacqueline Font-Guzman and then opens the floor for questions, comments, and an exchange of ideas.

You can watch the interview HERE.

The book is available for purchase HERE.