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CaliforniaSpeaks: Working Together for Better Healthcare

Facilitators are needed for California’s state-wide health care conversation. Californians will come together on Saturday, August 11th, to evaluate proposals for reforming California’s health care system and send a message to state leaders about their priorities. Interactive television will link together public meetings in eight cities to create a true state-wide conversation. Cites and venues include:

  • San Diego: Cox Arena
  • Los Angeles: Hollywood & Highlands Center
  • Riverside/San Bernardino: UC Riverside
  • San Luis Obispo: Alex Madonna Expo Center
  • Fresno: Fresno Convention & Entertainment Center
  • Sacramento: Sacramento Convention Center
  • Oakland/ San Francisco: Merritt College
  • Humboldt County: Humboldt State University

We are recruiting 400 – 500 experienced volunteer facilitators, reflective of the rich diversity of the state, for this critical event and are asking for your help in a couple of ways:

1) Consider being a volunteer table facilitator.

2) Share this request with others who might be qualified and interested in this opportunity.

Please respond right away to help us track our progress.

We are particularly interested in recruiting faciliators in Humboldt County, Fresno, Riverside/San Bernardino and San Luis Obispo.

Volunteer facilitators will work with small groups of 6-10 people to deliberate about a series of questions pertaining to health care reform proposals. Via laptop computers and keypad polling devices, individual tables will share the results of their conversations with the hundreds of participants in the room and in other cities. Facilitators will be oriented to the program and are expected to have experience with small group face-to-face deliberation, comfort with diversity and difference of opinion. The time commitment entails attendance at a two-hour orientation prior to the event, as well as all day on August 11.

To register to be a volunteer facilitator visit:

CaliforniaSpeaks is a non-partisan discussion that will present to the public the major reforms that have been proposed by political leaders. Californians will learn about the different options and make choices about what the state should do. The product of the discussions will be presented to the Governor and legislative leadership to influence legislation that is being considered in Sacramento.

For more information about CaliforniaSpeaks visit:

CaliforniaSpeaks is a project of AmericaSpeaks, a non-partisan, non-profit organization with the mission of providing Americans with a greater voice in the most important decisions that affect their lives. Most recently, AmericaSpeaks convened thousands of New Orleanians to create their city’s recovery plan. AmericaSpeaks has engaged more than 130,000 citizens across the country on such topics as shaping municipal budget priorities in Washington, D.C., creating regional plans for the greater Chicago and Cleveland regions, and developing rebuilding plans for the World Trade Center site in New York City.

For more about AmericaSpeaks visit:

We hope that will consider joining us for this important and exciting project. If you have questions or want to suggest other experienced facilitators for us to contact, call or e-mail:

Susan Dupre at [email protected] or 916-801-7427.


Susan Dupre

Susan Dupre has 20+ years experience in designing and facilitating innovative, participatory, real work methodologies to accomplish a variety of organization objectives such as: developing common ground vision and action, process re-design and/or improvement, re-structuring, and culture change. She uses processes that strengthen the kind of collaborative working relationships that… MORE >

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