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Category: Transformative

Communicating for Peace

Editorial Note:For those of us who live in the west, it is difficult to fully appreciate the violent context from...

By Sanjana Hattotuwa

How the Quest Was Done

Being a thrilling, spellbinding but true story right out of the wild west of a California mediation followed by some...

By Gary Weiner

Transforming Chicago: The Purpose of Partnering

Twenty years ago in Chicago, I sat at the manicurist on the day before my wedding, fingers splayed. I saw...

By Herman Bingham

Lessons Learned of Mediation in Indian Country: Exploring and comparing transformative mediation process and theory and American Indian values and processes

Background and Cultural Worldview I have had the good fortune, along with my colleagues at the Conflict Resolution Center at...

By Kristine Paranica

How Transformative Mediation Can Help Divorcing Couples

When a divorce occurs, a family’s life changes forever. Divorce creates a feeling of change and lack of control for...

By Daniel Bjerknes

Transformative Mediation: Reviewing The Basics

Introduction The past ten years have been significant, formative years for transformative mediation. It was just ten years ago that...

By Sally Ganong Pope

Ten Years After The Promise of Mediation: A Report From The First National Conference on Transformative Mediation

Bush and Folger’s The Promise of Mediation was published in 1994, and to mark the 10-year anniversary of this influential...

By James R. Antes
Can Transformative Mediation Work In Commercial Litigation? A Conversation With Joseph P. Folger And Robert A. Baruch Bush author.

Can Transformative Mediation Work In Commercial Litigation? A Conversation With Joseph P. Folger And Robert A. Baruch Bush

First published in the February, 2005 issue of the Southern California Mediation Association Newsletter. The transformative mediation model was first...

By Victoria Pynchon

Talking to the Good

I appreciate the invitation to act as editor of the Transformative Section of and to assist with facilitating a...

By Sally Ganong Pope
Diverse Organizations and the Evolution of the Mediation Field author.

Diverse Organizations and the Evolution of the Mediation Field

Five years ago I was a founder of an organization that illustrates how I see the mediation field evolving. The...

By Joseph P. Folger

A Study in Mediation Styles: A Comparative Analysis of Evaluative and Transformative Styles

Part 1: Introduction Mediation is an approach to conflict resolution whereby a neutral third party assists the conflicting parties to...

By Katina Foster

Training Emotional Intelligence For Conflict Resolution Practitioners

Emotional intelligence is not a passing fad nor the latest pop-psychology, self-help program. It is a well-researched theory that helps...

By Daniel Bjerknes, Kristine Paranica

What About Mediators’ Needs?!!

As mediators, we feel a certain pressure to help parties meet their goals at the table, whether those goals are...

By Kristine Paranica, Linda Hendrikson, Thomas Fuchs

Cognitive Dissonance: A Spiritual Perspective

The Nature of Dissonance Cognitive dissonance has been described by Tunbridge and Ashworth (1996) who (cited Sears et. al., 1985:50)...

By Barbara Stuart
Problem Solving Versus Transformative Mediation? author.

Problem Solving Versus Transformative Mediation?

As you search for a mediator you may have heard some of us follow Transformative, and others a Problem Solving...

By Sterling Newberry
What is Peacemaking? author.

What is Peacemaking?

Peacemaking is a complicated concept because peace can be defined in so many different ways. For our purposes, peacemaking is...

By Douglas Noll
Transformation To What? author.

Transformation To What?

As we mediators struggle to find the right words to define our personal styles of mediation, descriptors such as transformative,...

By Cris Currie
Mediation Policy: Theory Matters author.

Mediation Policy: Theory Matters

Mediation policy-making appears to be a growth industry. Numerous legislatures, state courts, agencies, membership organizations and other institutions are occupied...

By Dorothy J. Della Noce
Respecting Rival Mediation Philosophies author.

Respecting Rival Mediation Philosophies

This article is republished with the permission of the CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution from the January 1998 issue of...

By John Lande

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