Mediation FAQs

How do I contact CDR?

Call 344-5366 Monday through Thursday between 9-5. Or leave a voice mail and your call will be returned. You can also send an email to:

How long will it be before I can see a mediator?
Our agency provides timely service, but not crisis intervention. After discussing your case with you, we will send out a letter inviting the second party to mediation. We allow 10-14 days for their response. CDR consists mainly of volunteers. We will call our list of volunteer mediators and find two who can take your case. When all parties have agreed, a mutually convenient mediation session is scheduled.

How much does mediation cost?
We are a non-profit community service agency that provides low cost services to community members in conflict. Our case initiation fee is $50 for community cases, non refundable and due before we contact the second party. An additional $100 is due before we schedule the mediation session. We are committed to providing mediation services to our community and will adjust or waive fees for low-income individuals.

Many cases referred to us by local government agencies are handled at no charge.

Do I need to bring evidence to a mediation session?

No. Mediation is not like a court hearing. Mediators are not there to decide who is guilty or innocent. They are there to provide a neutral venue to discuss the issues that are causing problems for you and the other person involved. If you have receipts or photos which help in clarifying issues, you may bring these.

Are mediators attorneys?

No. Mediators cannot give you legal advice. They can help you assess whether or not an attorney might be needed. CDR mediators are community volunteers who have been trained in conflict resolution.

Where do mediations take place?

It is important that the mediation is done somewhere that is neutral for everyone involved. We usually arrange to do mediation sessions at our offices at 93 Van Buren St. Eugene, 97402. If there is a community center or other location that is more convenient for the parties we can arrange to hold the session there.

Can I bring someone else also to support me during a mediation session?

The mediation is your process. CDR is there to facilitate. As long as all parties participating agree, each party can bring anyone they feel would be helpful to the process. However, CDR encourages parties to keep attendance minimal in order to maximize direct communication.

What else do I need to know?

CDR will need to have contact information for the other person involved in the dispute. When you call, it is helpful to have the name, address and phone number of the other person. The more information you have, the easier it is for CDR to contact them.




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