Comments: The Ten Biggest Mistakes Lawyers Make in Mediation

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Richard , Spring TX   02/14/06
The Ten Biggest Mistakes Lawyers Make in Mediation
A well written, timely article for my wife of 45 years and myself to read. We had one very disappointing experience with mediation, but realize that had more to do with unrealistic expectations on our part, and lack of lucid thinking the day of our mediation. We live and yearn. Thank you again. Thursday, we enter in to our 2nd mediation experience. The first failure, blame our attorney. If we fail the 2nd time, blame ourselves. We will attempt to use copious amounts of patience realism interest open mindedness and resolution. Good luck, eh?

Martin Miller, Houston TX     07/20/04
Great article Richard. I too think a mediator has to remain neutral in statements. That it would be a major factor to make sure all parties involved and having authority are together during mediation. As for being too late or early, I think the earlier the better, for if you had to use discovery procedures to find something out chances are these parties would not be willing to negotiate. Insufficient time: yes all parties would need time to discuss the facts and determine what would be best. I do not think setting a bottom line would be a negotiation in all parties’ eyes. The cost of a mediator would be lots less then a long drawn out trial. I too am a student with Kaplan College. I enjoyed reading your article.

Pamela , Knoxville TN   03/13/04
Excellent article. I am an office manager in an office that mostly represents clients with medical malpractice issues. Obviously mediation is a heavily used resource for us. This article has helped me to provide additional information to all of my paralegals and even to the younger attorney's who are less familiar with some of the stumbling blocks. Thanks for the information and I look forward to more in the future.

Delores , St. Petersburg FL   09/09/03
Excellent tips! I am a student at Kaplan College Paralegal Certification Program, and it was part of our classwork to read this article. It was very helpful and informative.