Comments: Leading Opponents On Abortion Reveal Confidential Dialogue

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Felix , Dallas Te     03/23/01
This is an excellent illustration of the best we can expect from negotiations of moral issues when arguments are based almost entirely on humanistic assumptions and premises.

Caroline  , Pleasanton Te   02/28/01
Pursuit of a civil society
It is wonderful to read about the willingness of these women with such opposing positions to meet and to participate in civil discussions. What a great example they set for all people who have differing opinions. I liked the fact that neither side was trying to convince the other to change their position, but to get to know one another as fellow human beings.

Deborah , Santa Monica CA     02/27/01
Abortion Dialogue
The 6 leaders' abortion dialogue was incredible. Reading it made me so proud to be a mediator. I realized that my primary identification on this issue is no longer as a feminist, but as a mediator. Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences.