Comments: A Just Alternative or Just an Alternative? Mediation and the Americans with Disabilities Act

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Anita  , Burr Ridge IL   10/26/08
I am very interested in pursuing a career in Mediation. I am studying to be a paralegal and will get a certification by January 2009. I feel that I have three ways of getting the education in Mediation.1) Pursue a law degree and then get a certificate in mediation. 2) Get a Masters Degree in Mediation.3) Just get a certificate as a Paralegal then pursue a certificate in Mediation. My educational background is Bachelors in Sociology and Bachelors in Law from India. I feel I need some guidance in deciding what is right for me. Any suggestions.

Linda , Fort Worth TX     04/03/03
EEOC mediator list?
Thank you for the informative article. I provide mediation for special education disputes (IDEA 97) for the state of Texas. Much of what you addressed in your article has application to special education issues. I am curious about how to get on EEO's list of mediators. Any clues?