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Conflict Tipping Podcast Episode 19 – Reincorporating Combatants in Colombia with Dr. Solveig Richter and Laura Camila Barrios Sabogal

In this episode, Host, Laura May, talks with guests, Dr. Solveig Richter and Laura Camila Barrios Sabogal about Colombia as a case study for how conflict behaves and how conflict transforms itself.  Topics discussed include:

  • The role of language in the Peace Accords
  • Security concerns
  • Listening to local partners
  • Psychological support
  • Involving communities in the research and the final products

Connect with the Guests:

About the Guests:

Laura Camila Barrios Sabogal’s bio:

Doctoral Researcher at the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF) and Goethe Universität Frankfurt. Former Director of the Master’s Program in Conflict, Memory and Peace at Universidad del Rosario and former member of the Center for Conflict and Peace Studies of the same University. Master of Public Policy with a specialization in Conflict Studies and Management, Willy Brandt School of Public Policy, University of Erfurt, Germany. Bachelor Professional in government and international relations, Universidad Externado de Colombia. Her research interests cover gender, disarmament, demobilization and reintegration (DDR), democratization and peacebuilding in post-conflict countries.

Solveig Richter’s bio:

Solveig Richter’s bio and institutional profile:


Laura May

Laura is a freelancer, former Executive Director of the International Mediation Institute and a negotiation and mediation lecturer.  Her doctoral research asked “in what ways does blame make villains in politics” and covered the gamut from literature studies and linguistics to psychology and neuroscience, victimology to political science.  Her expertise includes emotions,… MORE >

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