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Dispute Settlement Counsel by Michael Zeytoonian.

Most people think that when they get into a legal dispute, they have to file a lawsuit. They retain a lawyer, often a litigator, and start an expensive, time-consuming process called litigation. “I’ll sue.” “I’ll take you to court.” It’s what we are taught and reared on, what we see in movies and on TV and what people talk about here in America, the world’s most litigious society.

But you do have choices of how to resolve your dispute – several options. Each one has its pros and cons. They include Mediation, Arbitration, Collaborative Law, Case Evaluation, Ombuds services, and there are variations and hybrids within these options as well.

Before you initiate a lawsuit or any one of these options, it’s really important to get educated on what these options are, how they work and when is a good time to utilize them. A lawyer that first gives you the wise counsel of educating you on each of these processes and whether they would be a good fit for your case is providing you a valuable service. Without this counsel, you are making a blind choice on a course of action. All too often, parties find themselves two or three years later financially and emotionally spent, with their energies and resources drained, and no outcome in sight, wondering why they took the course of action they did.

Dispute Resolution Counsel, LLC helps clients resolve disputes efficiently, using processes that respect our clients’ time, money and resources. We are committed to working with clients to resolve their dispute without litigating or going to court. We give clients value by educating them on several process options available to them like Mediation or Collaborative Law, how each process works, and counsel them on the best approach for their specific situation. We advise and assist clients navigate approaches to resolving their issues that are intentionally designed to achieve the best resolution possible. We only utilize processes that keep the decisions about which approach to use and how to ultimately decide the options for resolution in the hands of the clients. We counsel and guide; you make the decisions on the outcome.


Michael A. Zeytoonian

Michael A. Zeytoonian is the Founding Member and Director of Dispute Resolution Counsel, LLC and is a lawyer, mediator and ombudsman. He is formerly a partner and now Of Counsel at Hutchings, Barsamian, Mandelcorn & Zeytoonian, LLP, in Wellesley Hills, MA. He specializes in employment law, business law, special education… MORE >

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