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Full Video Now Posted of Forum on Online Mediation for Youth and Schools

How can we best support the development of online mediation and online mediation training for youth and in our schools?  This Youth and Schools 2-hour Forum builds upon the 2-day “Young Minds, Global Voices Online Conference.”

Online Mediation Training for Youth and Schools
Hosts: Clare Fowler and Jonathan Rodrigues

How can we best support the development of online mediation and online mediation training for youth and in our schools?  

This May 28 Youth and Schools 2-hour Forum follows and builds upon the May 15-16 “Young Minds, Global Voices Online Conference

New Mediators’ Guidance from May 15-16 Youth Conference
by Jonathan RodriguesClare FowlerMaria ApostolidouIlan David BassAmee DharamshiMelanie KochNisshant LaroiaBenjamin LutzGwendolyn MyersOlivia Chisom OsualaLydia RaySumhiya  SallayJay Patrick SantiagoSalman Shaheen
This article summarizes the Young Minds, Global Voices Conference. This conference was sponsored by in an effort to hear from newer mediators. These 6 sessions comprised up and coming thought leaders from around the globe, forming a brain trust for how to create peace in ourselves, our community and our world.

Presentation Materials from the Forum:

New Voices in Dispute Resolution
Introduction to Task Force

Full Forum Video: 

Additional Resources:

Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) Recommended Standards for School-Based Peer Mediation

Peer mediation can be a successful approach to managing interpersonal con?ict in elementary and secondary schools. These programs provide a unique opportunity for diverse students to use communication, human relations, and problem-solving skills in real-life settings. Effective programs can help to create a safe and welcoming school environment, improve interpersonal and inter-group relations, and assist in reducing school con?icts and violence, especially when part of a comprehensive violence prevention plan.

Click to download Recommended Standards for School-Based Peer Mediation Programs
(Adobe PDF File)

Additional topics raised by registrants for consideration:

  • How can we best support the development of online mediation and online mediation training for youth and in our schools?
  • What about online mediation and online mediation training in higher education?
  • How do we best market online mediation and online mediation training to local schools?
  • How does online mediation apply to Special Education mediation?
  • How is online mediation currently being used in schools?
  • As to peer mediation post-pandemic, how do we re-incorporate mediation as a priority when teachers are so burdened with catching up on curriculum?
  • What are tips for engaging parents in a conflict with school staff and administrators?
  • I am hoping to get guidance on youth mediation – not youth being trained to mediate peers, but mediating 2 youth/students/siblings that have issues they can’t get past.

Clare Fowler

Clare Fowler is Executive Vice-President and Managing Editor at, as well as a mediator and trainer. Clare received her Master's of Dispute Resolution from the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at the Pepperdine University School of Law and her Doctorate in Organizational Leadership, focused on reducing workplace conflicts, from Pepperdine… MORE >


Jonathan Rodrigues

Jonathan is an advisory board member for MediateIndia! Jonathan Rodrigues is certified mediator, with an academic background in Psychology and Law at Goa University, India. Jonathan graduated from his LL.M. studies in Mediation and Conflict Resolution with Distinction from the University of Strathclyde, UK. He currently leads The Institute of… MORE >

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