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For expanded marketing coverage, this is the best time ever to get a Statewide Banner! If you order your banner during November 2023, you will save 20% with coupon code “GrowNow!” at checkout.

When a visitor comes to, we are able to determine which state or province (or country) the visitor resides in and we will then display your banner to all such targeted visitors, both with the top banner at and 2x in the body of articles.

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How does it work?

  • Choose a state (inside the USA), province or listed country for your banner.
  • We will design your banner for you (free of charge if you pay annually), or you can send us a banner of your own design.
  • With each page visit and reload, your banner is displayed to visitors from your chosen state, province or country.
  • Your banner is also displayed in the body of’s more than 6,000 articles and 5,000 blog entries.

Additional Details

Each article has at least one banner displayed, and two separate banners if the the length of the article allows. Displayed banners in a respective state, province or country are evenly displayed. Statewide Banners banners are 560 x 88 pixels and rotate their order randomly. Your banner is linked to your desired website landing page.

We will develop your banner for you at no charge if you purchase an annual banner placement. If you opt for a monthly banner placement, we will build your custom banner for a one-time cost of $99 or you can create your own 560 x 88 banner in .png format and send that to us. Note that has final approval of banner designs due to the broad manner in which banners are displayed throughout the site. Samples of banners are at: Banners are priced according to state or province population.

See Sample Banners

See Banner Price List


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