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Monthly Conversation Series

Learn to resolve conflict like the world’s greatest mediators. Listen each month as the inspiring and renowned mediators, Michael and Karen Aurit, takes you inside the mediation room with acclaimed problem-solvers to reveal how they think, feel, speak, and act to most effectively resolve conflict. Every episode will equip you with practical strategies, techniques, and insights to navigate the most difficult conversations and challenges. This is your front-row seat to “the magic of mediation.” 

Each episode will be a fiercely focused exposé on how master problem-solvers create “the magic of mediation.” We’ll dig into how you can reach your full potential by centering around core beliefs, embracing essential attitudes, and aligning with new techniques that positively shape your thoughts, actions, and feelings inside the mediation room. And, we will pinpoint strategies that work best to effectively maneuver through the hardest conversations.

We, mediators, can best seize the opportunity of online mediation’s rapid expansion by becoming the best version of ourselves inside the mediation room. We can become masterful by working from the inside out. 

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