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Interview with Lee Jay Berman

From The Conflict Specialists Show with Dave Hilton.

Among the topics in this video interview by Dave Hilton of Lee Jay Berman, founder of the American Institute of Mediation, are:

  • Complex Commercial Mediation
  • Attorney-Mediators vs Non-Attorney Mediator
  • Fallacy of Impasse
  • Heavy Metal Mediators
  • Transitioning from Volunteer Mediator to Paid Mediator and
  • The Mediator Starter Kit.

    The goal of the Conflict Specialists Show is to help people, who may only know about this industry from watching Movies or TV Shows, learn more about what “Conflict Specialists” actually do and how we can help others. It’s also an opportunity for current practitioners to learn from a diverse group of experts as they share their unique perspectives and experiences in the field.


    Lee Jay Berman

    Lee Jay Berman is a mediator based in Los Angeles. He founded the American Institute of Mediation in 2009, after serving as Director of Pepperdine's flagship Mediating the Litigated Case program from 2002-2009.  MORE >

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