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Introducing the Case Manager

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We are excited to introduce you to the Case Mananger with full information at

Charter Subscription for the Case Manager Ends January 31, 2011

Since 1996, has been providing innovative technology and services to for the dispute resolution and human service industries.

And now, with the introduction of Case Manager, you can manage all of your cases in an efficient, timely and convenient way. No more missed deadlines or deliverables, easily manage your schedule and communicate with clients, and much more. You have instant access to all of your case records from any device or location with internet availability. Case Manager builds upon our over 15 years of experience and industry leading position. was recently awarded the American Bar Association’s (ABA’s) 2010 Problem Solving of the Year Award, and the National Association for Community Mediation (NAFCM) recently endorsed the Case Manager for all community mediation programs.

The Case Manager is a new generation “cloud-based system.” This means that there is no software for you to install on your computer or server — everything is provided online, including ongoing improvements and updates.

You do not need any particular type of computer, operating system, or browser to use Case Manager. Any authorized staff member, on any computer, with any operating system and any javascript-enabled browser can use Case Manager. All that is needed is a web connection.

So, let’s take a quick look at Case Mananger:

The main interface is divided into 3 sections: Calendar, Activities and Cases. There is another main section that we will see later called “Email”. Also note that, while an administrator or supervisor may be able to see all case information, staff are only able to see their own cases and related information.

Let’s take a closer look at a sample Case Record:

Here we can see all case information, including the ability to designate status and outcome, case type, fee rate, account balance and referral source information. Importantly, Case Mananger also includes the ability to create custom fields for your practice or program along with reporting on those custom fields.

Under “Contacts,” people are designated, by your own custom designations, such as “participant” and “attorney.” These “person types” are fully customizable and scalable, as are “staff types.” As we will see, easy emailing ability, including form emails, is also provided.

On the right side of the case record, there is a handy Notes field, and also notice the ability to Upload Documents, review and add Calendar items and review and add Activities.

You have virtually complete control over your Case Manager Settings, including: Calendar Types, Person Types and custom case record fields. Case Manager offers both helpful standard reports and also offers custom reporting services.

At the Case Manager Email Center, quality control and consistency are supported by the ability to develop, refine and send email stationary. A complete email log is kept of all emails sent from the Case Manager Email Center.

Please also have confidence in knowing that has a long-established reputation for reliability and security. is a comprehensive ISP with a 15 year track record of reliability. Case Manager is automatically backed-up on an ongoing basis by redundant systems, and Case Manager also includes your ability to locally export all case record data for your own personal back-up.

We hope that you will take advantage of Case Manager’s “free first month” policy and give Case Manager a try! We know that you will be impressed.


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