Cornell University
January 3, 2023
Ithaca, NY, United States of America
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The Assistant Ombuds responsibilities include handling visitor inquiries, conducting outreach and training, and conducting facilitated conversations with students, staff and faculty. Through these activities, the Assistant Ombuds helps visitors resolve conflicts and contributes to building a campus culture of diversity, inclusion, and belonging.


The Assistant Ombuds routinely handles sensitive and confidential information, emotionally charged and complex situations, and independently exercises considerable judgment. Throughout, the Assistant Ombuds demonstrates openness to issues of inclusion, diversity, and belonging.


The Assistant Ombuds conducts visitor meetings, which include but are not limited to: engaging in active listening, having initial conversations to identify the visitor’s goals, identifying options for next steps, clarifying university policies and procedures, and providing conflict coaching. Visitor meetings may also involve informal mediation and shuttle diplomacy by obtaining information for community members and thereby helping develop cooperative strategies for conflict resolution. The Assistant Ombuds also provides referrals to other resources as needed and works closely with other offices serving the campus community.


The Assistant Ombuds will help conduct trainings about the Ombuds Office, sometimes delivering them independently.  In collaboration with the Director and the University Ombuds, the Assistant Ombuds will identify patterns of concern brought to the office, including critical analysis of systemic needs for improvement and providing options to reduce or eliminate recurring problems. The Assistant Ombuds will ensure the integrity of the Ombuds Office is maintained including strict adherence to confidentiality while recognizing situations and issues that pose legal liability to the University and making sure community members are aware of reporting options.


If holding another position at the University, the Assistant Ombuds must be mindful of real or even the appearance of a conflict of interest.

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