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Keep the Heat On

From Pamela Slabaugh’s Blog

Does that sounds familiar? Or should I ask is that how you feel the direction of your conflict is going?

By keeping the heat on your problem does not evaporate it, does it? No it actually expands broader and deeper into your thoughts and works its way into your subconscious. You are probably loosing sleep over it.

Why keep stirring the pot? Put an end to recipe for sleep loss and MEDIATE. Mediation allows both sides to express concerns and work through the conflict.

Talk it out and work it out that is what mediation is all about.

Everyone talks about peace be the one to take the step to achieve peace and wellness in your life. It is up to you.


Pamela Slabaugh

Pamela Slabaugh works at Conflict and Dispute Mediation. Most recently I have acquired an all lines adjusting insurance license for multiple states.   ~Over 7 years working with Alzheimer patients in elder care conflict ~Small business owner 25 + years ~Independent Real Estate Appraiser over 20 years ~Owner and operator… MORE >

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